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天国ミソ - Tengoku Miso Subbing Team

Tengoku Miso Subbing Group
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Tengoku Miso

    Tengoku Miso Subbing Team is a subbing team specifically for those who want to watch videos about TegoMasu & NEWS, but can't understand Japanese. Started by TegoMass Forums, Tengoku Miso is a small but hard-working group of dedicated fangirls providing the world with high-quality, subbed media.

Tengoku Miso Subbing Team

Coordinators: ressu_smile, Airi

Translator(s): Bara (J), cutieboysora (J), poof82739 (J), andante44 (C), chiseen (C), deewhydeeax (C), rainbowmonkeys(C)
Timer(s): iChuuYou, polarchucky33
Quality Check: Hanjae, ressu_smile
Editor(s): Airi, janw
Encoder(s): 13eky, foofeh, rosevic87

    We are always looking forward to having new staff :) If you'd like to be part of our team, please join the TegoMass Forums and PM Resa (ressu_smile)!

Tengoku Miso Rules

1. You may NOT use Tengoku Miso subbed files for any profit or money-making business. Fansubs are FREE for your ENJOYMENT ONLY.
2. Fansubs may not be taken outside of TegoMass forums or the Tengoku Miso LJ! This includes but is not limited to streaming sites such as Youtube, Crunchyroll, or anything else!
3. Comments are not necessary, but welcomed. It's nice to be thanked. :3 The more comments = more motivation = faster, better releases.
4. No bashing of any kind to any of our team. We work hard to produce these for you.
5. New releases will be kept private in the community and forum for one week before the download link is posted below.

Tengoku Miso Releases

1. SC - 2007.05.06 [MF] [MU] Released 2007.07.06.
2. Hey!Hey!Hey! - 2007.05.14 [MF] [MU] Released 2007.07.06.
3. Music Japan - 2007.05.19 [MF] [MU] Released 2007.07.07.
4. Kissu~ DVD [MF: .001 | .002] [MU: .001 | .002] Released 2007.07.17
5. Music Station 2007.05.18 [MF] [MU] Released 2007.07.25
6. [Touch DVD] Massu's Date [MF] [MU] Released 2007.07.26
7. [Touch DVD] Tegoshi's Date [MF] [MU] Released 2007.07.31
8. [Touch DVD] Shige's Date [MF] [MU] Released 2007.08.05
9. [Touch DVD] Yamapi's Date [MF] [MU] Released 2007.08.11
10. [Touch DVD] Kusa's Date [MF] [MU] Released 2007.08.15
11. Music Fair 21 - 2007.05.19 [MF] [MU]Released 2007.08.25
12. [Touch DVD] Ryo's Date Released 2007.09.23
13. [Touch DVD] Kei's Date Released 2007.09.23
14. Hanamaru Cafe 2006.02.02 Releaseed 2007.11.14
15. Golden Melody Awards 2007 Releaseed 2007.12.13
16. [TOUCH DVD] Uchi's Date Releaseed 2007.12.25

Tengoku Miso Project Progress

In no particular order...

1. Itte Q! - 2007.05.06.
2. Shissou - Making Of
3. Tegoraji (GAWD. <3)
4. Hadaka no Shounen 2006.11.25
5. YaYaYah - Tegomass in Cutting Factory 2006.07.09

More to come...

Tengoku Miso Layout

Layout & profile layout by teenyairi. Steal or copy and die a very painful death which will result in you having no social life :D Thanks ♥ Profile Code by resplandor.